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Welcome to Penn Group of Companies

Updated: Feb 10

Established in 2007, Penn Group offers a comprehensive "one-stop" solution for various professional services, ensuring peace of mind by safeguarding you, your family, and your assets.

Joined up thinking.

Our growth has been in tandem with our clients, with our service portfolio evolving to meet their needs. Proudly, we have become the trusted professionals for many, offering the convenience of addressing intricate issues all under one roof.

Our advisors collaborate seamlessly across our affiliated companies, sharing insights and expertise to work towards your objectives. Leveraging advanced in-house technology keeps us ahead in IT advancements, providing timely and transparent solutions our clients value.

  • Penn Chambers Solicitors: Family Law | Wills, Trusts & Probate | Civil Litigation

  • Penn Financial: Mortgages | Protections | Life Insurance

  • Penn Tech: Bespoke IT services for Professionals | Case Management and Back Office System

  • Penn Accounts: Year-End Accounts | VAT | Bookkeeping

  • Penn Services: Commercial Finance & Bridging Loans | Legal Support for Businesses

Each entity within Penn Group is an independent limited company, regulated by its respective body, with details available on our website. For a complete list of our services and more information, please visit:

Explore our full range of services on our website:

Connected. Holistic. Dovetailed. Solutions.

Penn Group of Companies


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