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Welcome to Penn Accounts

We are specialist accountants serving small and mid-sized businesses across the United Kingdom

The last thing that any business owner needs is to waste valuable time and resources on routine Bookkeeping and Accounting. Just as important is to understand that the financial affairs of individual taxpayers and companies alike are becoming more and more complex, confusing and unnecessarily burdensome. Getting it wrong invariably means penalties, surcharges and interest to pay. 

We understand that as a business owner or entrepreneur, only setting up or already seasoned player in your field, you will prefer to focus on your business strategy and success instead.

Business People Talking about Accounting

Why Penn Accounts?

We talk to you in plain English in ways that are designed to make sense and allow you to make sensible, informed business decisions. We are here to 'watch your back'.


“Managers and investors alike must understand that accounting numbers are the beginning, not the end, of business valuation.”

– Warren Buffett

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Irina Inayat | Principal Accountant

Irina has over 16 years of experience in accounting and has substantial experience working in large multinational companies.

Working for and together with smaller businesses is what she enjoys the most - offering practical support and advice, and being able to make an impact. 

She prefers to personally undertake the payroll, bookkeeping, self-assessment tax returns, quarterly VAT returns and year-end accounts herself to ensure that ONE accountant looks after all your accounting needs. 

Unlike most other companies, Irina enjoys working for fewer businesses, ensuring the job well done.  She personally undertakes all of her clients' accountancy work rather than passing elements of that work to more junior staff leading to disjointed outcomes. 

Irina cares and she stands for your best interests. She enjoys working closely with clients to keep a finger on the pulse of your business development and sustainable continued growth.

Talk to the Principal - not to assistants.

How we can help you

Services we provide

Business Structures

Often very little consideration is given to the structure of a new venture when in fact deciding whether a new business should be a sole trader or partnership or a corporate body such as limited company are crucial and possibly as crucial as the business you intend to conduct.

Should you start simple - on your own, with the risks and rewards all on your own shoulders or should you share the burden with someone you already know and can work with?

Our sister companies will offer professional advice in the areas of law and financial services - Advice which will be relevant, practical and useful to all who run a business.

Year End Accounts

Many individuals are in employment and pay tax through their employer under the PAYE scheme. Others, however, pay in different ways such as self-employed individuals, partners in business and companies themselves.

Failure to manage your personal or company tax affairs properly leads to levels of stress that can affect your business and even your home life and relationships. Penn Accounts can make sure that this does not happen.

By carefully managing your year-end accounts and calculating the tax payable, you can be assured that the tax you must pay is accurate and planned for by regular updates throughout the year with sensible uncomplicated management accounts.

VAT & VAT Returns

For most, the thought of VAT fills them with dread.
Individuals also often misunderstand that the receipts of VAT are simply passed on to the tax authorities and not a source of income to your business.
Either way, VAT issues require very careful handling. VAT compliance issues that much more important.

Time and again we act for companies that are sound, which suffer horrendous consequences or even fold because they receive a high VAT bill that they had not anticipated and are unable to pay. Do not become one of those companies.


As a business owner it is your responsibility to make sure you keep accurate records and accounts. Businesses need accounts for two reasons:
a) To enable the owners and managers of the enterprise to manage, control and assess the performance of the business
b) To satisfy the tax authorities that they have paid the right amounts for each tax
At its simplest, you will require a cash book to record all receipts and payments. If you give credit you will need a sales ledger to keep track of all invoices raised and when you receive payment. If you buy on credit a purchase ledger to keep track of the amounts you owe your suppliers.

Allow us help you.


If you employ staff, you have to arrange for their salaries, and bonuses and commissions to be paid at the end of the week or month or year.  You also have to deal with sick pay, maternity pay, student loans and incentives like Child Tax Credits and so on. 

​This means that you need to be familiar with all the current laws and tax rules so that you do not overpay your staff for obvious reasons, but also do not underpay your staff so that they do not take you to court for an unlawful deduction of wages.

Employing such a specialised staff member who is up to date on all the current rules can be costly and time-consuming especially now with RTI in place requiring submissions of PAYE on a real-time basis.

Taking the headache out of your payroll issues.

Self Assessment

More and more people are subject to self-assessments. Many try to undertake the process themselves which can be so time-consuming and daunting. Some prefer to instruct a so-called accountant to complete the assessment for a few hundred pounds.

Both options are fraught with difficulties.

Trying to prepare your assessments can lead to substantial errors which, if under-reported, can lead to substantial penalties and fines. 

Using so-called accountants to prepare the returns invariably means that they are ill-equipped to minimise your tax liabilities and offer sound advice.

It makes sense, to save the additional grief by instructing us in the first place, doesn't it?

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Accountancy made simple

All accountants are not the same.

At Penn Accounts, we are not a burgeoning accountancy practice - for us it is personal. 

We help you from where you are now as a business, to where you want to go.

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